Capture. Document. Create.

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Has it been a while since you had professional pictures taken or are you like most others and you just haven't quite decided to make the invested but are now ready? Whatever your reason I am glad you are here!

Let me begin by telling you a little bit about who I am and what Jessica Lau Photography is all about. I'm a people person who loves animals, nature, family/friends, and of coarse photography. I'm fun and bubbly and really enjoy making others laugh (which is very helpful during a session by the way as laughter helps you relax and emit true, raw emotion which is what I strive to capture during my sessions). What excites me and draws me to photography is the satisfaction of having the opportunity and privilege of capturing still moments in time, documenting & preserving everlasting memories, and creating works of art. When I'm not taking photographs for others you can find me behind the lens exploring the world of macro (close-up photography), taking pictures of my handsome dogs, and when lucky enough taking pictures of my own kids (for some reason they don't always like to participate). 

As much as being behind the lens and interacting with people, places, and things is fun for me, what I really love and what helps me stand out from others is editing. In post-production I am able to be creative and let my bold, vibrant style show. I don't just turn around and give you the images straight out of camera, instead I take the time to give images extra TLC by enriching colors, enhancing details, and if you choose, turn images into works of art. Now, almost anyone can take a "good picture" (especially with cell phone camera technology nowadays) but only a true photographer has a unique eye for transforming images from ordinary to extraordinary and most importantly capturing subjects at their very best. Now that you know a little about me, click the link below to check out some of my work.

Get ready to Capture. Document. Create.