Hello & Welcome! Be sure to read this section so you can get to know me and to help you decide why you should invest in Jessica Lau Photography for your specific photography needs.

Who is Jessica Lau? A people person who loves animals, nature, family/friends, and of coarse photography. My personality is bubbly and making others laugh is my jam (which is very helpful by the way during sessions as laughter helps you to relax and emit true, raw emotion resulting in candid, natural portraits). Photography brings me so much satisfaction because I get the amazing opportunity and privilege of capturing still moments in time, documenting & preserving everlasting memories, and create works of art.

When not taking photographs for others, you can find me behind the lens exploring the world of macro (close-up photography), taking pictures of my own animals, and when lucky enough, taking pictures of my children (for some reason they don't always like to participate). Lol. Photographer's curse I guess.

Why should you choose Jessica Lau Photography? What helps me stand out from others is my bold & vibrant editing style and superb attention to detail. Turning around and giving you images straight out of camera is not what I do. Instead, I take the time to give images extra TLC by enriching colors, enhancing details, and for those looking for a little something more, transform your images into art that demands to be shared, printed, and displayed. Now, it's no secret that almost anyone can take a "good picture" but only a true photographer has a unique eye for transforming images from ordinary to extraordinary and most importantly capturing subjects at their very best.

Besides delivering high-quality work, I strive to provide excellent customer service which is why each session begins with a phone consultation. I want this to be a personable experience and I want you to be comfortable and just have fun. In addition to a consultation you will also receive a session style guide to include a lot of valuable information that will help you prepare for your upcoming session. Believe it or not, I've actually had many clients tell me they had fun during their session and I believe this is due to them being prepared properly before which ultimately allows them to be stress-free and just focus on having a good time. Now that you know a little about me and what Jessica Lau Photography is all about, click the link below to see some of my work and get ready to Capture. Document. Create.