Once images have been selected and final payment has been made you will gain 15 days complete access to your online gallery. Here you can download your images, share directly to social media, and more.

When you first visit your gallery, you will receive a walk-through. Be sure to watch this if you haven't already to help you access and utilize your gallery to it's full potential.


High Resolution (high quality digital files) for printing. It’s important to note that when high-res images are used on social media platforms the image(s) can get compressed and lose quality so if you intend on sharing via social media platforms use web files.

Web files. Smaller files, faster to download, ideal for sharing on social media. Optimal resolution for viewing on most social media platforms, including Facebook.


Dropbox or Google Photos. Download images directly to either of these cloud storage services.

Gallery Download in .ZIP file format (your computer should have the capability to unzip/extract the file to get to the .jpg image files inside). Once unzipped you will then need to open it and save your image(s). *If you are unable to unzip the file then see Single Photo Download*

Single Photo Download. You select the individual high-resolution digital image(s) you wish to download. This way will save the .jpg file directly to your computer or mobile device. Note: this is not web-sized so if you'd like to download web-sized instead let me know and I will change this setting.

Download your digital files and save to at least two different forms of media to ensure you always have a copy.

Need Help or Have Questions?

Fill out the form below or email or text me. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response time.